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Friday, January 27, 2012

Speaker grille

Last night I printed out the picture of the speaker grille from The scale on the grille drawing said 3 inches = 1 foot so I set the page setup size to 400% and printed it out. I taped the picture of the grille to my MDF and got started.

I put a 1/4 inch drill bit into my drill press and drilled a hole where each channel had to go. I then put a 1/4 inch bit in my router and put it into the drilled hole. I clamped a carpenter’s square to the piece to make sure that the channel I cut with the router was going to be exactly perpendicular to the edge of the piece. Using the square as a guide for the router, I cut out each channel.

I peeled off the tape and did some light sanding on the edges of each channel to finish it off. Not bad for a weekday.

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