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Friday, February 24, 2012

bezel mounting

Everyone on the message boards always says, "Make sure you have all of the pieces before you start building."

When I held the main bezel up to the cabinet, I didn't realize that the bottom of the bezel had to rest in something. I originally planned on cutting a channel in the control panel back but then I check out Screen's cabinet and noticed that he had a metal channel installed to hold the main bezel.

Home Depot had nothing of the sort but Lowe's came through for me. They called it an "aluminum trim channel for plywood." It was with the angle iron. I drilled some little holes in the channel and used a few nails to nail it into the control panel backing.

I then put the marquee and main bezel in and traced where they would go with a marker. I installed 1/4 inch strips on to the side of the cabinet to hold the marquee and bezel in place and to prevent light from peeking out behind the marquee or bezel. I also glued two pieces across the top of the main bezel opening to hold the back of the main bezel. You won't realize how flexible the main bezel is until you hold it. These backing pieces are essential.

I also cut the hole for the coin door. It was 11 x 16 7/8 inches. I have officially put off painting for as long as I possibly could.

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