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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Monitor Mount

I am using a 19-inch Dell monitor that I bought refurbished from ebay. I hope to put a real Nintendo monitor in there one day but I am not ready for that yet.

I drew lines on the inside of the cabinet where I wanted the monitor to be mounted. I screwed two pieces of angle iron to the sides. I probably would have used just a few pieces of wood if I didn’t have these two pieces lying around. I slid the monitor shelf right into the cabinet.

I couldn’t find exact measurements for the angle of the monitor so I just put it where I wanted it. If you’re interested, my monitor shelf is 22.5 inches by 22.5 inches (for easy rotation should I need to re-purpose the cabinet), and the upper corner is 14 inches from the top of the cabinet and six inches from the back.

I put my monitor face down on the mount, traced it, and cut the monitor hole with a jigsaw. I glued and screwed two supports under the opening to hold the monitor in place.

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