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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slot for t-molding

I thought it would be super quick and easy to cut the slot in the sides for the t-molding, but I screwed it up.

I bought a 1/16" slot cutter from MLCS and positioned it in my router to cut a slot directly down the middle of the 3/4 inch MDF. Then everything went wrong. The bit got hot and loose and the slot came out crooked.

I called J.Avery. He said, "Rookie mistake. You put your slot cutter bit together wrong. The blade is upside down."

And it was. I checked the teeth on the router bit and they were facing the wrong way.

I bought some bondo, coated the front and filled the crooked slot.

Then I waited a day for it to harden up and sanded the whole thing down.

I sanded it down so it was nice and smooth and cut a new slot. What should have been a five-minute step took me an hour over two days. Plus the bondo cost ten bucks and I used two sheets of sandpaper.

Then I cut the second slot.

The dog came by to inspect.

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