my quest to build a replica donkey kong arcade machine

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Control panel mount assembly

I bought a complete control panel from Mike’s. I really wanted to build it myself but when it came down to it, I decided that (1) I have enough work to do, and (2) I really want to play Donkey Kong.

The only issue I have with the control panel is that it didn’t come with a restrictor plate so the joystick moves 360 degrees instead of only in four directions which I believe is how the original Donkey Kong machines worked. So I’ll have to pick up a plate at some point. Other than that, it's beautiful.

The first thing I did was cut two pieces of MDF to hold the sides of the control panel. I followed the Jakobud plans to get the proper angle.

Then I glued two pieces of MDF together and cut them to meet the rear of the control panel and the bottom of the main bezel. I glued two pieces because I thought that the bottom of the bezel fit into a slot that was cut into the wood but after looking at more photos it appears that everyone else has a cool metal track installed here that looks like a window holder. It secures the main bezel to this piece. So I need to get one of those once I find out what it is and where to buy it.

I used my router to cut a groove into this piece so that the corner of the control panel fits snugly in there. I mounted it from the back using L-brackets and called it a day.

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